I just have to make a new Verita. Because I love this character, buuuuuuut. Old sim make me cry. ( ̄  ̄|||)

I tried several times to create a new, but to no avail. I’m fucking worthless.

Today I will try again. I can only pray. (¬ ¬)




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Only these trusting eyes.

Late replies (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

Because I’m lazy sausage 


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I have three cats. And right now they attack me.

Damn  ( ̄、 ̄〃)


With fantastic sim of benedictwallace ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) 

Just love 

Something fishy


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Сrazy replies


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Scarlet Sail 

Now 22:38. And. It is trio of my favorite sims. Matvey, Svyatoslav, Alexander.

Anonymous: Are you a boy or a girl? Just curious :3

((┘ ̄ω ̄)┘
I’m just an alien who is hiding in the body of the black cat.